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Ken Ferrie
Ferrie: Plan For A Normal Crop In 2021; Don’t Let A Drought Threat Drive Your Decisions

Plan for a normal crop, hope for the biggest crop of your career and then mitigate the risk of a drought or crop failure.

“We've recalibrated our business to make sure that we take duplication out. We want to partner with our retailers in a way that we spend $1 once because we don't think any farmers are in a position to have the extra cost," he says.
One-On-One with WinField United President Brett Bruggeman

Brett Bruggeman joins The Scoop podcast to talk about the company’s performance warranty, financing programs, decision ag tools, and supply chain initiatives.

Biological Tackles Soybeans’ No. 1 Pathogen

“Every aspect of SCN works against you,” says Dair McDuffee, a seed treatment specialist with Valent. “Once you have it, take the bull by the horns.”

Frenchman Valley Cooperative Launches Inputs Business With VantagePoint

With a new strategic partnership, Frenchman Valley Farmers Cooperative (FVC) is launching a line of crop inputs with VantagePoint.

FiberMax and Stoneville Cotton Seed Offers Two New Seed Treatments

BASF is strengthening its cotton portfolio from seed to harvest with the introduction of two new seed treatment packages, Core and Prime seed treatments.

Farmers Cite Successes In 2020, Look Ahead to 2021

What went right in 2020? And what are farmers looking to do different in the coming crop year? The 2020 Farm Journal Harvest Study shed light on those two questions with its top takeaways.

Areas with orange and red symbols indicate increased beetle activity and more rootworm damage the following year.
Corn Rootworm Pressure To Persist In 2021 For Corn Belt

Here are recommendations for first-year corn and continuous corn.