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John Phipps
Capturing carbon - the second best solution

Can farms solve carbon emissions?

John Phipps
What if GPS goes down?

GPS fragility

Leigh Rubin
Build like an Egyptian.

Build like and Egyptian.

Alan Brugler
Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Weekly Brugler Marketing & Management interpretation of action in the ag commodity markets.

Global Farmer Network
Tanzania’s Regrettable Ag Technology Decision

Tanzania’s government just cancelled the GMO field trials that could have helped its farmers improve their country’s food security.

Dan Hueber
Lots of number to digest

Not a bad week, but...

Joe Vaclavik
Vaclavik 2/19/21

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Paul Neiffer
What's Your Maximum Tax Bracket at Death?

We have posted on Biden's tax plan for estates. In today's post we try to estimate the top tax rate and it is high.