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Tom Vilsack
Vilsack Says He’s Open To COOL

Tom Vilsack, during Senate confirmation hearings Tuesday, said he was willing to consider reimplementation of country-of-origin labeling (COOL) regulations for meat products.

Here’s Why a Tough Stance on China Could Continue Under Biden Administration

During U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s confirmation hearing in January, Yellen previewed how the Biden administration may address trade issues with China.

Tom Vilsack testifies virtually before the Senate Agriculture Committee
Vilsack: Agriculture Poised for First and Best Wins on Climate

“I think agriculture is probably the first and best way to begin getting some wins in this climate area,” Vilsack says.

Vilsack Returns to USDA With A Different Attitude

He’s the only USDA secretary that has served in one administration and has been asked to come back years later. For Tom Vilsack, it’s an opportunity he is looking forward to for many reasons.

Farm Scene
What is the Biden Era Agricultural Agenda?

The new Congress and Administration will have an agenda that differs significantly from the past four years – and just as likely, a different approach to the role of government.

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Is Phase One or Politics Driving China’s Record Appetite for U.S. Ag Products?

Whether it’s to fulfill Phase One promised, or an increased need for feed, some say the timing of the record Chinese buys isn’t a coincidence. So, what's driving the record demand from China?

Tom Vilsack
Agri-Talk: Vilsack Highlights 8 Priorities For USDA

The incoming agriculture secretary outlines issues he says need to be addressed or that would constitute “historic work.”