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John Deere Launches First Product In The See & Spray Portfolio

The technology detects a growing plant and selectively sprays a targeted application at 12 mph.

New Sprayers From John Deere: All-Season Machines For All Field Conditions

For model year 2022, John Deere is introducing new 400 series, 600 series and Hagie STS sprayers. “We have a complete offering for all sprayer customers,” Joel Basinger says.

John Deere Unveils Air Seeding Tool Enhancements

The company has also announced a new model naming system highlighting series, opener style and width.

New John Deere 9 Series Delivers Power, Efficiency

As marketing manager Ryan Jardon explains, this lineup features improved efficiencies with more horsepower and hydraulic capabilities.

John Deere's 8 Series Delivers New Integrated Solutions

With the new 8 Series, John Deere deepening its focus on how its machinery is more about delivering agronomic solutions than just iron, and it has two new offerings as examples.?

Max Williams, surrounded by a world of toys: “Sometimes I look around at all the toys and ask myself, ‘My Lord, what have I done?’”
Wonderfully Obsessed: Meet the Willy Wonka of John Deere Farm Toys

Toy land is a real place. Max Williams, the Willy Wonka of John Deere toys, is a farm boy eight decades removed from the addiction of his first cast iron tractor, and wonderfully obsessed.

Kinze Officially Launches True Speed Planters, Announces Expanded Configurations

The first 16-row and 24-row models have sold out for the 2021 season. And the company is already planning for additional configurations.

AEM Report Shows 2021 Tractor, Combine Sales Off to Explosive Start

Equipment sales are off to a strong start in in 2021, according to the latest monthly flash report from the Association of Equipment manufacturers.