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North Dakota Farmers Need 200% of Normal Spring Rainfall to Undo Drought

The latest drought monitor shows a dramatic shift. A year ago, 100% of the state was drought free. And today, 100% of North Dakota is seeing some level of drought; a concern for farmers who fear drought will linger.

Vault IP Plus Approved For Use In Soybeans This Season

The seed treatment features rhizobia for nitrogen fixation, a dual-strain biofungicide and the lowest application rate in its class.

Here’s Why the Current Bull Market Has a Two-Year Runway

Corn, soybeans and wheat experienced double-digit price gains on Tuesday, a product of the 2021 bull market. And as prices continue to see the extreme price moves, some think the bull market could last beyond this year.

Even With 90 Million Acres of Soybeans, Here's Why the Soybean Price Surge Could Stay Steadfast

The bull market right now is one driven by not just tight supplies, but monster demand. Two marketing analysts say even with an expected increase in acres, tight supplies mean prices can absorb more production.

Sudden Death Syndrome
New Biological Seed Treatment Tackles Sudden Death Syndrome

EPA-approved CeraMax prevents the soil-borne fungal pathogen Fusarium virguliforme from taking soybean yield potential captive.

Markets Now with Tyne Morgan: Concerns the U.S. Could Run out of Soybeans

While China’s hunger for corn made headlines, Suderman says the steady demand for soybeans is creating a serious supply concern. That’s why there are now fears the U.S. could run out of soybeans.

Why Drought Could Be a Catalyst for Crop, Cattle Prices in 2021

U.S. farmers are facing a changing scenario this year. From wet conditions impeding planting in 2020, to now drought concerns creeping in, one analyst thinks weather could be a major market mover in 2021.

Bill Biedermann of says the last time soybean stocks to use was below 4%, prices traded at $16 and $18.
Markets Now with Tyne Morgan: Why History Shows $16 Soybeans are Possible

USDA revealed this week the soybean stocks to use scenario is record tight for this time of year. Analysts explain why that could create even higher prices in the months ahead.