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13 Million Acres of Cotton in the Cards for 2021?

Is 13 million acres of U.S. cotton in the cards for 2021?

FiberMax and Stoneville Cotton Seed Offers Two New Seed Treatments

BASF is strengthening its cotton portfolio from seed to harvest with the introduction of two new seed treatment packages, Core and Prime seed treatments.

U.S. to Block Cotton, Tomato Imports from Xinjiang Over Forced Labor

The United States will move to block imports of cotton and tomato products from western China's Xinjiang region over allegations that they are produced with forced labor.

The Musselwhites in Georgia are only growing e3 cotton this year, a new variety helping share farmers’ stories by tracing cotton from the farm to American flags.
Following from Farm to Flag, Cotton is Woven into Fabric of America

A new cotton program helps trace cotton from farm all the way to American flags, helping share farmers' strong story about a crop with a strong history.

Anna Brakefield helped launch Red Land Cotton.
Weaving Dreams into Reality

The farm Anna Brakefield grew up on has been in her family for three generations. He father, Mark Yeager, reached out in 2016 with a dream: let’s not just grow cotton, let’s make and market a product.

Courtesy: Betsy Jibben
A Look at Cotton Prices and Demand

The Adjusted World Price of cotton is at its highest since June. While producers here in the U.S. may not pay as much attention to that price, industry leaders say it can be an indicator of what's ahead too.

Cotton Analysis: Look at Q2 Time Frame

The cotton market is trading in the green during Monday’s trading session. That’s on top of cotton futures ending last week near the $70 mark.

Cotton Acreage Plunge in 2020?

How deep a dip for cotton acreage in 2020? With producers saddled by anemic prices and the ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute, a cotton cut up to 3 million acres is a possibility.