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Commodity Classic Groups Say Agriculture is the Answer to Addressing Climate

Commodity Classic may be virtual this year, and as the core commodity groups iron out their legislative priorities for the new year, the headline is moving from trade to climate.

Hunt for ROI Stokes Change for Two Dakota Farmers

Tyler Zimmerman and Chris Walberg have changed agriculture horses in midstream, and say the results are improving long-term ROI—as well as igniting a new zeal for farming.

Phosphate Prices Hit Highest Level Since 2012, As Nitrogen Prices Also Climb

The fertilizer price sticker shock is also happening with nitrogen. Ken?Ferrie says nitrogen prices were already moving higher, but the Texas freeze didn't help, as it put a further strain on production.?

Wild Pig Explosion Starts in Belly of the Beast

Wild pig control is one of the greatest challenges in U.S. wildlife management history, and in many ways, wild pig prosperity starts in the fascinating belly of a beast like no other.

Why $18 Corn, $30 Soybeans and $42 Wheat Prices are Possible, But Not Likely

While analysts say it’s possible, yet not likely corn prices hit $18 per bushel, there are some factors fueling the market today. It’s not just the supply and demand scenario, but also the possibility of inflation.

Faced with High Fertilizer Prices? Here's Why Sticker Shock Could Last Through Spring

As farmers spring into planting preparation, they are facing sticker shock on fertilizer prices, an issue some say could last through spring.

USDA Projects $4.20 Corn, Chief Economist Explains Why

USDA’s Ag Outlook Forum painted a brighter forecast for corn demand this year. While USDA does expect a 7% increase in production,?the agency is also forecasting an increase?in domestic use, as well as exports.

Markets Now with Tyne Morgan: Here’s Why USDA’s Acreage Number Could Grow

USDA issued its first look at acreage during the annual Ag Outlook Forum with a record number of combined corn and soybean acres projected this year. Some analysts say given prices, that number has room to grow.