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Bayer Announces “Holistic Solution” For Roundup Case Resolution

As part of the deal, the company would pay up to $2 billion to support claims and programs covered by the plan.

History Shows There’s No Price Too High for China to Buy Corn, Soybeans

China’s historic buys last week seem to come with nervousness from other major importers. So, are the higher prices rationing demand? Analysts say it's not happening with China, yet.

AMVAC: Don’t Skimp On Soil Insecticides

The company expects higher than average CRW pressure in 2021. AMVAC is encouraging retailers and farmers to consider the protection and benefits provided by soil insecticides in managing corn rootworm.

Producer Paul Overby is an intercropping innovator intent on finding crop combinations that translate to a whole greater than component parts.
Intercropping Gains More Interest from US Farmers

Farmers Nathan Neameyer and Paul Overby, along with researcher Mike Ostlie, are intercropping innovators intent on finding crop combinations that translate to a whole greater than component parts.

Could Corn or Cattle be the Next GameStop?

With the run-up in stock prices for GameStop, AMC and others, could corn, soybeans or cattle be next? Listen to what Tommy Grisafi of Advance Trading had to say about it on U.S. Farm Report this weekend.

David and Alice Monk’s road to success contains no shortcuts or shiny societal standard benchmarks, but the path is paved with the satisfaction and gratitude of a life well-lived.
An American Farming Tale: God and Family First for Illinois Couple

David and Alice Monk possess a priceless American tale in the heartland based on God, family, and farm—and in that order.

Markets Now with Tyne Morgan: Concerns the U.S. Could Run out of Soybeans

While China’s hunger for corn made headlines, Suderman says the steady demand for soybeans is creating a serious supply concern. That’s why there are now fears the U.S. could run out of soybeans.

Tank Mix Tools for Higher Yields

Don’t let a liquid herbicide or in-furrow fertilizer application go by without considering tank mixes.