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Bayer Says Digital Solutions Are Key To Reducing GHG Emissions

Measurement, reporting and verification are important to the process of addressing greenhouse gas emissions.

One Farmer’s Experience with Pay-for-Performance Conservation in the Lake Erie Watershed

By compensating farmers per pound of nutrient loss reduction, pay-for-performance conservation motivates farmers to find the most cost-effective ways to reduce nutrient losses for their specific fields.

Farmworker vaccinations “exploding out of the gate” in Monterey County

As Central California vegetable growers wait for harvest to increase seasonally, the biggest issue at hand is getting their workers vaccinated as they enter year two of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Farmer Mental Health Highlighted in University of Nebraska Extension Workshop Series

By prioritizing mental health, the Nebraska Extension program aims to support the sustainability of U.S. farming operations, laying the foundation for a resilient ag industry for generations to come.

How Quick Is The Payback For A $150,000 Planter Expense?

It is easy to get caught up in the technology improvements in our industry. The key is deciphering what will truly make you more money or add value to your farm.

ASA Conservation Legacy Awards

Congratulations to the regional winners of the 2021 Conservation Legacy Award.

New Study Details Financial Risks And Rewards With Conservation Farming Practices

Farmers in the study targeted specific combinations of practices to specific acres depending on the goals that they had.

A Novel Paradigm

Brian Ryberg’s use of conservation tillage and cover crops brings a new way of thinking to Minnesota farming