Grit with Grace


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Grit with Grace highlights farmers' and producers' resilience. From survivors of breast cancer and farming accidents to stories of families who were stronger than the storms that ravaged their farms, get inspired here.


True Grit: A Tribute to Ranchers Who Weathered the Extremes This Week

The record cold temperatures and extreme?weather had a major impact on ranchers across the?country, but through it all, the men and women showed what the true definition of a rancher is.

Equipment Dealers Double Down on Top Service, Even From Afar

Technology has transformed the traditional aspects of the parts and service business.

Resilience Reigned in 2020: How Livestock Producers Navigated the Pandemic

The onset of the COVID-19 hit the livestock industry especially hard. A sudden loss of demand caused prices to plummet. But thanks to the ability to pivot quickly, livestock producers showed resilience in 2020.

How much pain will a man endure to stay alive? On Oct. 1, 2016, Todd Orr answered the question in harrowing detail.
Grizzly Hell: USDA Worker Survives Epic Bear Attack

Legendary. In the annals of survival history, Todd Orr’s account is incredible and magnified by a deuce: He skirted death in two separate grizzly bear attacks separated by mere minutes.