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What Farmers Need to Know About USDA Suspending Farm Loan Debt Collections

COVID-19’s ripple effect has again hit the farming community. This time, USDA responded by announcing a temporary suspension of past-due debt collections and foreclosures for borrowers.

Machinery Need-To-Knows When Trying No-Till

Switching part of your acres to no-till is as simple as just parking the tillage tractor, right? Maybe not. Here are a few considerations before trying no-till for the first time.

Ken Ferrie
Ferrie’s Guidance on Entering Rent Leases with Fertility Clauses

When farmland draws a premium, you’d expect the soil to be in good shape, right? More landowners are considering fertility clauses in their farm leases to ensure tenants don’t suck the soil dry.

With uncertain steel prices, there could be value in locking in grain storage while prices are still lower.
Need a Grain Bin by Harvest? Lock it in Soon

Have you tried calling your local grain bin dealer over the past few months and gotten a busy tone? Grain bin manufacturers say demand is through the roof, driven by a variety of factors.

Think Ahead to get Nitrogen Timing and Rates Right in 2021

What you did this past fall, what you’re doing this spring and the plans you’re making for the summer will make a huge difference in the combine at the end of the year.

Help Crops Fix Nitrogen, Save 25 to 50 Pounds Annually

The nitrogen-fixing power of soybeans is a dream for corn and other crops – but what if you could harness that power through microbes? Sound Agriculture is introducing SOURCE that claims to do just that.

Corn rootworms can clip silks in addition to causing root damage.
SmartStax Pro Approved, Available to Plant in 2022

With three modes of action that provide corn rootworm control, Bayer’s SmartStax Pro will hit the market at a time when corn rootworm resistance is top-of-mind.

No Till Planting
Focus No-Till on Vulnerable Acres

With renewed focus on no-till and reduced tillage, how can you experience the greatest financial and positive environmental impact? Do you have to cut back on tillage every acre to maximize the benefits?