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Fire in the Corn: Farmer’s Best Crop of Lifetime Burns Day Before Harvest

When David Monk, 78, lost the best yielding corn of his life to fire, he took the loss on the chin and remained a farmer grateful for his community.

The Arrowhead Whisperer: Stunning Indian Artifact Collection Found on Farmland

Johnny Dickerson, an arrowhead hunting warhorse with a bootstrap tale and over 4,000 showpiece points, is a classic American individualist with no concern for conformity.

Commodity Prices Strong, but Planting Decisions Still a Tricky Farm Puzzle

The dollar rules, but planting decisions are often complex— even when commodities are shining.

Farmer Welcomes Sesame Street to Promote Agriculture

When Sesame Street knocked, Casey Cox threw open the door on her Georgia farm and grabbed an opportunity to take U.S. agriculture to a new audience.

Hunt for ROI Stokes Change for Two Dakota Farmers

Tyler Zimmerman and Chris Walberg have changed agriculture horses in midstream, and say the results are improving long-term ROI—as well as igniting a new zeal for farming.

Wild Pig Explosion Starts in Belly of the Beast

Wild pig control is one of the greatest challenges in U.S. wildlife management history, and in many ways, wild pig prosperity starts in the fascinating belly of a beast like no other.

“Farmers are bombarded with all kinds of new software products,” says Chad Swindoll, “but farmers in the real world are underwhelmed with the actual results—and underwhelmed is an understatement.”
Buyer’s Remorse: Gap between Ag Data Market and What’s Needed in Rows?

The shine of a new digital product often dulls quickly in the rows, and many farmers believe there is a gap between what is offered in the ag data market and what is needed in the rows.

Max Williams, surrounded by a world of toys: “Sometimes I look around at all the toys and ask myself, ‘My Lord, what have I done?’”
Wonderfully Obsessed: Meet the Willy Wonka of John Deere Farm Toys

Toy land is a real place. Max Williams, the Willy Wonka of John Deere toys, is a farm boy eight decades removed from the addiction of his first cast iron tractor, and wonderfully obsessed.