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Chip Flory
Stay Active in Managing Risk

There is no “bailout” in commodity markets — just risk. It makes me crazy when someone says, “The bulls were bailed out by Chinese buying.” Or, “The bears got bailed out by those rains.”

Chip Flory: Stay Conservative on New-Crop Sales

“La Ni?a will affect price action into spring, but do not build a marketing plan on weather — a weather outlook is even more fragile.”

Chip Flory: Zero Carry Demands Marketing Flexibility

Consider these sell-and-replace strategies to own crops on paper instead of in the bin.

Chip Flory: Time to Divvy Up Acres

The soybean market will work to buy more acres for 2021.

Chip Flory: China’s Focus on Food Security

To maintain food security, China is now a reliable buyer of U.S. corn.

Chip Flory: Will Chinese Demand Increase Prices?

If China’s imports increase, it still might not make prices jump.

Chip Flory: Understand the USDA Process

Understanding “the process” used by USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) to assemble survey-based estimates makes a big difference in your risk management plan and your expectations.

Opinion: Get the 'Get Big Or Get Out' Outta Here

Did USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue really tell dairy farmers to "get big or get out?" There's more to the story.